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3. man from Poland   (2012-11-15 5:50 PM)
Can you contact with me and help me with extracting textures.dat file from game test drive 5???

2. ToLoCago - Espaion   (2011-11-23 4:54 AM)
First of all... thank you for the the tools!

And well, I hope some day your tools will help for edit the game textse to have an spanish amateur version of LOTRO. I will have patience!

ToLoCago - EspAion

1. Breeze   (2011-06-07 6:51 PM)
Good time of day to you Dancing_on_a_rock_hacker! You did a great job making DAT UNPACKER 1.2.1 for Lotro (and DDO) for wchich I'm very grateful. I've been able to use it to extract some wav and ogg sounds from client_sound.dat, but I can't figure what folder/file structure have to be made to make the game catch the new files and use them instead of dat file. Can you please tell me how it can be done? (All I actually need is to replace or nullify a few annoying sounds, I know file names now so if I just can locate and "fix" em in a file that would be great). (btw I'm also a programmer so i'll be able to understand things like header structure etc. if you'll be willing to explain some technical details. So please fell free to give advice - you will save me from an unbearable torture ^^)
Have a nice day
(I've sent a copy to your mail too)


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